Armor War : Mech Storm

Armor War : Mech Storm 1.2.6

Mech Storm, a futuristic strategy war game.

Funny Tap Studios has come out with a new free to play strategy game based in the future and that game is Armor War : Mech Storm. Build your empire, buy units and play through a multitude of single player missions in order to earn money, build larger bases and upgrade your units for bigger, better and more exciting battles to come.

The map is your's to explore in single player mode, uncovering more areas means more battles for your troops to test themselves against. Protect your base against those that would do you harm and rain down wrath on your enemies.

Everything can be upgraded and built. If you don't have the resources you need for a specific building or unit, head over to the real time market. Millions of players mean a living market with real trending costs for hard to get resources. Make money trading your resources or find what you need in order to build what you want, when you want.

Build your base buildings then upgrade them to unlock newer, higher tech buildings. Build and upgrade from a large selection of units including tanks, mechs, artillery and powerful aircraft in order to design the perfect army. For support, upgrade your destroyer ship and call in strategic and devastating strikes at the right moment, deep into enemy territory.

When you've built the perfect army and collected powerful upgrade equipment for your units through the single player missions, test your skills against millions of other players in multiplayer player versus player combat. Compete for rankings and become the best army commander in the world.

Game events occur as well, offering limited time and unique experiences available for all players and greatly enhances the longevity of the game. However you want to play Armor War, you can.

Armor War : Mech Storm is a great strategy game with interesting and diverse futuristic units with which to collect and upgrade. Build the best army and become a commander to be feared.

Armor War : Mech Storm


Armor War : Mech Storm 1.2.6

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